a couple of things… first barbara just found this thing on youtube that is great its at: or put ‘RAMONES WARHOL STEIN’ into the youtube search or go to my myspace page which is: it brings back a lot of memories… contrary to things i’ve heard over the years the Ramones and i were very close up until the end… there was a period when i was the only one who had Johnny’s phone number and Joey or one of the others would call me and say “tell John to call so and so…” this went on for maybe four or five months… its grimly ironic but somehow appropriate for the topic of our discussion in this clip to be the decline of rock i miss all those guys a great deal i wish they were still around… “Andy Warhols Fifteen Minutes” was a short lived show produced by the Warhol gang that ran on MTV… i dont recall how many episodes were aired but not too many… i also did a piece of music that became the shows theme… i must have been on it various times, i really only remember this and an interview with Bill Burroughs i did… this was shot in the last very deluxe Warhol factory in midtown, Andy wasnt around and word was he was out with a cold or flu… the next day we all heard that he had died (for me that puts the date of this taping at Feb.21 1987)… as a result this thing is sort of steeped in sadness… for you UK fans The Blondie BBC doc airs on Friday, July 21 at 10:35 pm on BBC 1 in the UK…i really like this thing, everyone worked hard on it… it still presents a ton of issues for all of you maniacal super fans, myself included, theres a lot of unresolved stuff in it and i’m sort of looking forward to fielding questions about it… BUT its by far the best docu done about BLONDIE in a long time if ever… i’m sure it will air in the states soon beyond that FRANCE-ITALY!!!! hey i said the Germans too what the fuck do i know… lets hope that like some of the heavier preceeding games it doesnt go into penalty kicks

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