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due to general weirdness i just got the last 185 or so e-mails at once… so i see that a lot of you want more info about the tour being shut down… the problem with doing make up dates immediately is that all the shows that were booked by regional promoters were for the ‘road rage’ blondie/cars show… simply none of these guys are gonna take just us without the cars without a bunch of re-negotiation, its not just a matter of plugging us back into shows, theres a lot of considerations about size of venues etc… i’m sorry about all of this i somehow thought that most everyone would realize some of it but i still got complaints about my ignoring the situation… believe me i think ticket prices us and other acts are way over the top these days but there is not much i can do about the expenses of touring… there are other elements that added to the high ticket price of roadrage but you are gonna have to figure them out, theres just stuff it wouldn’t be right for me to go into here im sorry that any of you are disappointed, hopefully not as disappointed as british or german cup fans cause we will still be around whereas the 2006 world cup is a one shot… i really thought the germans had a good shot, i didnt think enough about the german-italian soccer jinx speaking of that im also feeling bad about some of you who were coming long distances (like from overseas) who couldn’t cancel flights, hotel stuff etc… at this point i dont know how to make it up maybe we can do something in the future… i can only personally apologize to fans who were disappointed and hassled by all this situation

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