the jfk and rfk assassinations have always bothered me

the jfk and rfk assassinations have always bothered me, this isnt much of a statement in the light of world events… i was thirteen when john kennedy was killed… i was in the lunchroom in jr. high school, in brooklyn… i cant put into words how much i hated jr. high school… we started hearing reports about the president being shot from kids coming in from outside… abruptly we were all told by the intercom to go back to our homerooms… in the school (Andres Huddie jr. high, named after some respected old dutch statesman who rumor had it had been hung as a horsethief and was much less than respectable) there were a couple of young very gung ho male teachers who i later realized styled themselves in the kennedy mold… one of these guys, Mr. Prenner, was in charge of our homeroom… it couldnt have been more dramatic; after we were all seated he sat on the edge of his desk and very seriously said “The presidents been shot, he’s dead.” i dont remember him telling us to go home, but that was all he said about the assassination… outside the school i saw him and the other young male teacher whose name escapes me in heated arm waving discussion, i caught a fragment of a line about “the world we live in today…” on the way home people were crying on the streets, i bought a paper with “JFK SHOT” on the headline…when i got home my old man was stalking back and forth in front of our house cursing about “those bastards”… two years later he died and i never talked to him about who he thought the bastards were… so i was deeply affected by it all, maybe an association of father figures even, but this was a heavy transitional period and soon i was paying more attention to the beatles and stones than to current events… maybe five years ago when the band was in Dallas i walked by myself over to Dealey Plaza and suddenly the absurdity of the whole event struck me… this place has a really grim and haunted feeling to it, but most of all it’s so small, the image that i’d gotten from seeing all those images over the years was of a much more expansive place… the plaza was swarming with theorists and for five bucks i took a short tour with an old guy who indicated the points of interest; the grassy knoll, the picket fence with the storm drain behind it, the x painted on the ground where JFK was hit… i think it was after that that while on a flight from europe i saw the most amazing bit of weird propaganda in the form of a half hour ‘documentary’ about Kennedy… i think i may have even mentioned it on these posts someplace; it was on like the discovery channel and reported basically that John Kennedy was so screwed up on steroids and pain killers that he was almost totally non functional, that Khruschev had saved the world from the brink of destruction that Kennedy had led it to… it just about said that he, Kennedy was better off dead… i wish i could find a link to this thing, it was such an obvious bit of disinformation, i wondered who had gotten what on who to have something like this shoved out into the mainstream… just before i was watching the Zapruder film and it creeps me out more than the worst horror film… so without arguing any points i would direct interested parties to this Alex Jones film: too is creepy… i dont think that there is anyone in the whole country no matter what they think who believes all of the stuff that they are supposed to but some of the things i’ve been seeing about some of the obvious lies are just too mind boggling… in a way some of this stuff no matter how radical it might seem makes me hopeful that some change might actually happen if enough people ask for answers

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