the days are going by

the days are going by and mostly im absorbed in baby related issues… akira is really great and provides endless amounts of just everything, now shes up to three word sentances… i have been working a little on music but it may be another month or so before i get into it more intensely… debbie sends thanx for all of the birthday wishes… i’m gonna see if she will put up a message board herself as she is starting to get into doing more e-mailing and computing… actually got to the movies which is a big event now war of the worlds of course, it was unavoidable… thought the first act was really great, i really got caught up, it got a little weighty as it went on but it way surpassed my (low) expectations… should have seen batman though i just re-read ‘the bonfire of the vanities’ which is a great bit of writing… the film version just sucked so dont go by that…’bonfire’ came out in ’87, anyway there’s an amazing bit of prophetic psychic weirdness, or perhaps just astute premonition on the part of Tom Wolfe in the very first chapter; its a scene with the fictional mayor ‘Goldberg’ of NYC being shouted down at a ‘town meeting’ type event in harlem, anyway the head of his police bodyguards is named “Guliaggi”, very cool… im sure Rudy was around at the time Wolfe researched the book, i cant imagine its a coincidence… anyhow very worth reading also colin farrell looks so much like charles manson its nuts, could he be “pooh bear” manson? thanx ali for the letter finally i sort of hate computers, the frustration level is so high, if only i could have HAL around to argue with… i finally had to change my long standing e-mail address, everytime i logged on i was getting 80-90 messages about cock enlargement, teen black elderly and every other kind of slut imaginable, all the weekend vacations i-pods and playstations i’d won and the occasional suggestion that ‘freedom begins at home’ etc. in other words rat out your friends and neighbors… what a relief to be back to not using the spam filters, it got so it was easier to take names out of the spam things than to delete stuff oh i almost finished halo 1, just on the last stupid bit, hopefully the next one will be less monotonous pic is ‘night life in bangkok’

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