summer grinds on

summer grinds on very hot here… i have been reading “haunted” by ‘ol chuck palahniuk, pretty much a fan tho i was disapointed in a few of the later ones like ‘lullaby’, pleased to say this is up to speed… my favorites still are ‘invisible monsters’ and ‘fight club’ of course, theres nothing like that first novel… let me reassure todd in florida who wonders if aliens had any effect on my liking ‘war of the worlds’… well of course it sucked, it aint “ZEBRAMAN” but i am taking it in context of what i expected/hollywood hash and re-hash, i mean damn you cant spend that much fucking money without getting a few decent shots out of it, you gotta give it to them for some of those huge mechanical scenes: the church splitting open and the boat overturning… unfortunately yes it was more of an exercise than any attempt at actually making a great film… AGAIN: requests for stuff; interviews, song rights, and ‘official’ type things like that should go thru the proper channels: our management co. 10th street entertainment, in L.A. and NYC, song rights for films have nothing to do with us as artists (unfortunately) they have to be procured thru our various publishing companies, mostly EMI/Chrysalis for the older stuff… the best way to GET AUTOGRAPHS is to send YOUR OWN BLONDIE PICTURE or blank piece of paper or cereal box or whatever to either our above mentioned management OR BETTER, TO ONE OF OUR GIGS with A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE… again A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE will almost guarantee results, at most gigs we have a pile of mail like that… lastly if you try the self addressed stamped route make sure that you use US postage for the US, UK for UK etc. we have gotten stuff from the UK here in the US with UK stamps which are not recognised by the US postal authorities… i’m sorry that we dont have any kind of autograph thing set up beyond this but thats life as they say its gonna rain again here, the spring and summer have been so damp giant mushrooms are growing on the other mushrooms, i’ve heard that its all related to the tsunami etc

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