Spinner spends “A Day in the Life” with Blondie

Blondie — A Day in the Life – Spinner


“It’s a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon in New York City’s West Village, and even if Fashion Week weren’t in full swing, there’d be no shortage of pretty people browsing the Bleecker St. boutiques. At around 4:45 PM, after an hour of strolling around, we figure we’re numb to the beauty of our surroundings — the luxurious townhouses, the leggy model-types — but then a black SUV pulls up in front of the Marc Jacobs store, and out step the members of Blondie.

Well, we assume all six are there. Our eyes shoot straight to frontwoman Deborah Harry, whose platinum locks are so bright they make us squint. She’s rocking gray slacks, a matching tank top, a pink over-shirt and enormous black sunglasses, and even at 66 years old, she looks like a character out of an old movie, or maybe Andy Warhol’s Factory. Blondie have agreed to let Spinner tag along for the afternoon and evening, and we’re trying to keep cool. This is Fashion Week — can’t let ’em see you sweat…”

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