Blondie and OWS

the two times we put something up on our Facebook page in support of the Occupy movement it stirred up a lot of pissing and moaning together with the favorable comments… we are sorry to alienate anyone but must stick to our principles… i ask my self how my personal heroes would take to the movement… where do you think Bill Burroughs would be in this? i personally discussed Reaganomics with him several times… that he wasnt for Reagans policies is an understatement… Allen Ginsberg tried his best to levitate the Pentagon in protest of the Viet Nam war… both the anti-war and civil rights movements were similarly shouted down with cries of ‘commie hippy’ and all of that… now both those movements are seen as part of American historical context… i think that the Occupy movement will have the same arc… we are all part of the system… improve it

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