i dont have time today for a long spiel…(thats from the yiddish pronounced “shpeel”, in old show-biz parlance it meant ‘bit’ or sort of discussion, often with comic overtones, official def is “A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade”…there, educational material as well) just wanted to say that i’ve gotten so many really fantastic comments regarding the current affairs of humanity that i am quite moved and encouraged, i think i’ve suddenly got a lot of response from people who dont usually write which is also great… someone, “M”m i think reminded me that dennis hopper or somesuch luminary said that “I have a feeling the 90’s are gonna make the 60’s look like the 50’s..” i forgot about how right on that is… i want to reference more of what people said… will have to wait till next week one thing i did think of was that if EVER there was gonna be a faked moon or mars landing now is the fucking time, i mean how tempting is that.. give five million to (spiel)berg to do the CGI and pocket the rest of the 30 trillion…. chris

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