on the flight back from monte carlo

on the flight back from monte carlo i was amazed by a particularly weird bit of propaganda/historical re-writing that was made available along with the movies (i finally got to see the last matrix which didnt suck as bad as i’d been warned… i love agent smith he should have a sit-com) anyway a half hour ‘discovery’ segment was devoted to the most bizzare condemnation of john kennedy (the 35th president of the u.s.) the jist being that jfk, besides being a rabid sex fiend, was so loaded on steroids, pain killers, and speed that he was completely off his rocker and that not only did he endanger america (not exactly stated outright) but he put “the office of the president in jeopardy” which sounds good but is fairly meaningless when one thinks about it… any how my paranoia was just like immediately stirred to new and greater heights… this supposed piece of “journalism” stopped just short of saying that we are all better off as a result of his being ‘eliminated’… that khrushchev brought the world back from the brink of nuclear disaster that jfk had dragged it close to… i could only wonder what the fuck was going on… is there some new bit of assasination info about to be dragged out that this was intending to neutralize, (a fantastic claim that the program made was that because he was wearing a back brace on the assasination day he was held upright where he might have been thrown forward by “the first shot” and been saved, this one i hadnt heard before) is it a complete elimination of democratic credibility by the republicans prior to the election… are we about to be subjected to another subtle re-write of history that will feature jfk’s remains being removed (just like lenins from red square) from arlington and the eternal flame on his tomb being squelched…or just simply in ten years are we gonna get the news that “well, we just had to shoot him it was for the good of the nation”… i’d always been aware of all of the stuff surrounding jfk but this is the first time i’d seen it all put together like this, obviously for ‘effect’… in rebuttal i think the main point is certainly that jfk’s assasination had a much more profound negative effect on the countries well being than his reckless behavior ever did, also i dont really think he was ‘out of control’, i’m not a doctor but i’m very familiar with the effects of drug abuse and i never saw any indication of instability in him, his speeches were all very together, by comparison various ‘modern’ politicians are inconsistent and rambling in their deliveries and this is just a given, we are used to bush coming off like a crazy man and no one suggests that he is in anything but a ‘normal’ state of consciousness (coincidentally last night i saw the ‘sam wise’ hobbit actor on bill maher and he said “i was at the white house, i looked into his eyes and i have no doubt that he believes what he is saying” pretty fucking funny; idi amin believed in himself as well)…lastly of course the show made no mention of nixons megalomaniacal antics, well of course that wasnt the point but there were and are much bigger fruitcakes out there than poor old jfk so just damn weird is all… (maybe some one saw this thing?) the monte carlo gig was pretty weird as well, (coming back airport security was way up as a result i presume of the moscow subway bombing, i hope you all realise that moscow is not the sticks, its a big urban modern city, this shit is very close) i really had completely forgotten that the show was a promo event for an erectile dysfunction product, which was odd enough, at least at the ‘press conference’ debbie announced that our motivations for doing it were to have the contact with jose carerras and getting paid “a lot of money”… but the drug company people were very nice and i guess it was all a big success… monte carlo though really beautiful is not ‘my cup of tea’ so to speak and as usual i kept wanting to start carrying on about the “blood of the workers” fueling the local decadence… there was a really nice new model ferrari parked in front of the hotel, it looked like an f-16 (plane) and no doubt sells for upwards of 500 grand… as far as i could tell there isn’t much to do there that doesnt involve large sums of money, i didnt see any punks or other fringe types but mostly i just caught up on sleep… the cause of the lack of sleep (the babee) has figured out how to travel by rolling… i have been doing some recording of her mezzo soprano voice and her first album should be out next year some time (“my career was over by the time i was three and a half…”) to be continued…( i think im gonna stop signing this stuff)

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