some of you are getting the picture

ok various, despite my previous vow to avoid HOF topics i must devote some more space: Amy reminds me that “there were many fans who wrote letters to the R and R HOF in support of Blondie; I know I did…” so thnx much to her and to all of you who did that… then Ric writes “At the end of the day, having seen you live in England, Blondie play many of the old songs with different arrangements or extended versions… How would the Nigel etc expect to play these versions having never performed them in this way?” (i love “the nigel”…) bravo! some of you are getting the picture, those guys didnt want to play at fucking all, (again, the first step to them actually playing would have been to call one of us which they didnt do) they just wanted to bitch… finally i forgot to mention… i dont know if many of you caught it but i REALLY loved frank saying something about how great it was to be “injected” into the hall of fame… where i come from we call that a “freudian slip”… i guess he was thinking of something else i have had some extra time to write lately even with the babies crawling all over me… i just got a new mac, one of the pentium ones and am going a bit crazy getting used to the transition… as usual thank you all for the comments…

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