shows in the fatherland…
shows in the fatherland… just a few… boy, disneyland is rough… i mean they paid us and all were nice but man! i guess some of the others were somewhat into it but aside from being amused by the tower of terror i found myself being really depressed while walking around i kept flashing on burning man, how this was, is the antithesis… its just so superficial and cruddy around the edges… some huge sadness lingers in the heart of america, everyone knows its all a lie, that all the hoopla is about nothing… its all just preservatives preserving more preservatives, like mcdonalds theres nothing in the inside its all packaging, those kids toys where the box is more exciting than whats inside… i just dont know whats gonna happen, where was that line from ‘everthing plunging down hill the only question whether the brakes are on or off’… in the hotel, where the littlest bottle of gatorade costs three bucks i was watching tv; on one channel theres robin thing with the lifestyles of the absurdly bloated “and heres so and so spending 8 grand an hour to go fishing and donald trumps yacht that costs five hundred grand to fill the gas tank” and on the channel right next to this is some local station with the reggae top ten with videos of these dirt poor people all looking like their having a much better time than ben afflick next door with his solid gold toothpicks whatever, and all the reggae videos were shot with like the cheapest camcorders and the ads on the station were all really funky for local places that sold island food and stores that sold tacky “new york style” clothes like the stuff they sell on fourteenth street, and just what a contrast and who really is better off all the gorgeous black people who are on the bottom or the surgically enhanced ghosts that inhabit the top… so theres that… and as usual for those of you who may decide im really negative… well to me its not how i feel really and i see how willy nelson has released an anti war song so lets see anyone try and call him un-american… i really enjoyed last night at st. petersburg and got to talk to various people after the show…right now im in the hotel room in i guess its hollywood fla. and the window/terrace opens onto the ocean and its quite fantastic, curtains blowing and sea sound i’ll write some more later on, thanks those who’ve shown up, more US shows should start up in feb-march around the time of the record release in the states happy new year and love to all chris
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