hello all etc…

hello all etc… i cant tell you how totally absurd things are getting, some of you are paying attention… so the bush(it) administration finds it necessary to get into space (well inner space, that is the neighborhood) no doubt due to not being able to find Osama here on earth and he might be hiding out on mars… somehow i suspect that they’ve already got him and will drag him out a week before the election, bush dressed in his military drag claiming to have personally caught him… (saw a bumper sticker: “if you can read this you’re not the president”) but seriously i cant avoid the feeling that we are up shits creek… just a copy of the sunday times is enough to make me want to live in a cave until things blow over…in it we see how video games and internet blogs are becoming the defining elements off our culture… i was reading “junkie” (required reading) for the nth time and i realised that things in 1945 were closer to times B.C. than to 2004… the advancements in technology are wonderful but the advancements in the manipulation of the masses, propaganda, and the pursuit of materialism have made perhaps even greater strides… we’ve been listening to a Noam Chomsky cd “emerging framework of world power” while driving around in the car, i’d recommend it to all, just listen to what he has to say, then you can decide how much of it to believe… i assume for example that most informed individuals are aware that some of Saddams worst crimes; chemical attacks against the Kurdish people in northern Iraq were carried out with support from the US, that Saddam was considered an ally of America (against Iran) when he first came to power… so now i see a news item ‘bush meets with victims of saddams chemical weapons in the oval office’… one is reminded of Orwells “1984” where history is constantly re-written to suit the current politcal climate… this crazyness seems endlessly spiralling out of control at this point…is it really important to spend fifty trillion dollars to get to local space while there are still people dying of starvation… and people are so stirred up by the notion that the US is considered an evil empire in many parts of the world and yet the equation seems sooo simple; you have people who have grown up in poverty in countries where their own natural resources are absorbed by the west… some kid starving while oil from his backyard is making some American kid rich… in South America land that should be used to produce food for the local population is used to raise cut flowers for US dinner tables while the people tending them make less than a US toilet scrubber… so people grow up with this stuff as a part of life, they of course see how much we have and they don’t have and we have the balls to be surprised and annoyed when they get pissed off at us… etc etc etc this stuff is always on my mind, in the face of what’s going on right now doing music feels very trivial… i think bush will probably be “elected” again and the US will get another step closer to totalitarianism… and i dont really have a clue what to do beyond writing about it here… the “system” seems so firmly entrenched on every level that the room for change is becoming smaller and smaller over and out chris

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