San Francisco

San Francisco… several days spent wandering in chinatown, fantastic the one here though i cant always help but think that it must have really rocked in SF a hundred years ago… but great dvd stores (an amazing film by ‘audition’ director Takashi Miike, [im starting to think this guy is the best living film director aside from Marty] “Bird People of China”, why doesnt this stuff get US releases? uncanny… now i have to apologize big time for my comments about “the Chronicles of Riddick” which i had suggested was gonna be bad several postings back… i should have had more faith in director Twohy and i thought ‘Riddick’ was almost totally great, i understand that it didnt do well in general release and was only out a short time (i saw it in a hotel which is where i see most current films) i could have done without all of the ‘Dune’ references and there is a weird timeline thing in the supposed five year period between films that seems more like two thousand (in the story) but i guess they figured that the majority of kids who are gonna see it have never been exposed to ‘Dune’… i escape into films and writing… fifty more days till the election and id like to think that even if bush does win things wont turn to total shit, in the airport every magazine has a picture of w on the cover and i keep fluctuating about his chances… its quite depressing to feel things so polarized in america, that people are so cranky about politics that everything else is tossed out… i guess the biggest disapointment for me is just being out in huge crowds of people who are all dressed in uniforms, have lost so much of their individuality and are driven by desires for the shallowest manufactured goals… SF on labor day week end, host to hordes of tourists, much bigger homeless population than in other cities, so amidst the clone masses these poor beat up men and women begging for handouts on all the street corners… still there are enough freaks to keep things upbeat around here… kevin and i keep fantasizing about going out to burning man for two days but in reality im gonna have to wait for next year… B, thanx so much for reading to me on the phone yesterday… much ‘respect’ and love as a late addition one of the uk fans sent a link to an article that seems to support my view about international feelings about the election and the US it’s polls from around the world check it

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