pictures on streetmatress and the war

firstly im proud to announce that i got a couple of pictures up on one is at and the other is at i forget how i came upon streetmattress, probably in a search for “weirdness” as before im fairly disturbed about the pissed off cranky nature of the election, the media, the way sides are being drawn etc etc its really fucking depressing… i have to say one thing here and maybe i will give it up for a bit, everyone knows how i feel about the war etc you know we have been travelling for the past year, we’ve been all over europe, in spain, england, italy, switzerland, holland, belgium, and many other countries (check the tour dates) in all of these places i talk to people all the time, not just to fans and rock and roll types but to people who work in shops, in airports, cab drivers, people on the street on and on… now you have to believe me on this EVERYONE, EVERYONE i talked to about the war and about US foreign policy thinks that america is making bad decisions in regard to how its handling its image in the world… we were in a cab someplace i cant even remember what country, and the driver asked where we were from “New York” someone said to which the guy said “oh this is a bad time to be an American” the media here doesnt report this stuff at all and im afraid that the reaction of many is “go back to russia” etc its a drag supreme that one cant criticize ones countrys policies without opening oneself up to attacks gotta go to sound check

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