recording the next BLONDIE “record”


annnnnd we are plowing ahead, noses and other extremities to the proverbial grind(stone, house what have you) the thing is that after the long build-up and the digital world that we are all working in these days we have wound up with over thirty tracks that are being worked on simultaneously… certainly a first for sheer amount of material, also a first for this way of working that is editing and adding to many tracks at the same time as we go along… in the past even the last two new era BLONDIE recording we have always focused on one maybe two tracks at a time… all the ‘basic tracks’ are done in a group still; that hasn’t changed however as per usual i am not exactly sure where the thing is going, how different it is from previous offerings etc… does it sound like a BLONDIE recording? yes i am sure it will be familiar, there are many aspects and sounds/styles that are there in it in the old hippie days everyone used to say “the same but different” so that applies here

Jeff Saltzman is terrific in his production role and i am really liking his approach… we are all learning things as we go along Jeff is a fan as well as a talented producer/musician so that understanding of the band that he brings is a whole other dimension… i have been exchanging ideas and sound files with him for probably six months or more prior to starting work… he has his two assistants with him Gaby and Marco so they are like a crew and work tightly together…

i will put out some more info in a bit… i dont think that we are gonna discuss the specific songs before they are done… i dont know for sure what we are gonna do with so many tracks, the strongest are gonna be on whatever form the thing is released in first it looks like we will come over to Europe/UK next year for sure also the site here is due to be upgraded shortly and we are all thankful to Barry for all his help… also thanks to Louis as well for his help and additions to the site… the BLONDIE.NET site has been in need of facelift for a while now… we need to have downloads etc available… i have a lot of ideas for what should go on… we will see

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