about to leave Halifax

the Bklyn Museum show felt successful, fun to play to that particular crowd of ‘hipsters’ (i am open to suggestions for a better referential title…)

i was disappointed by the guy from the NY Times review of the photo show; his summation that ‘video was the only way’ to capture the spirit of rock just pointed out that he had grown up with MTV… there are quite a few ‘rock videos’ that i like but on the whole i think its more important to have ones own personal images linked to music rather than the images that some director thinks represent the song… it has always been a point that i had mixed feelings about… having grown up back in the ancient days, most of the music that i hear from those times is bound up with the things that i was seeing and the feelings i was having and not with the very specific video images that i often associate with later songs… isnt it hard to think of ‘Like A Virgin’ without picturing Madonna on the boat? now think of ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ and see what you come up with; most likely like me a sort of montage of Beatle images, many photographic… any way they cant all be journalistic gems but i expect more from the Times


missed Halloween at home for the first time in a few years, currently in a Marriott hotel in Halifax… now proof that there are a lot of hip journalists out there is here in the form of this review from Halifax Chronicle Record: BLONDIE HALIFAX REVIEW

Monday will find us back at reording with Jeff and the boys from SF… sitting around in hotel rooms is some kind of art form… i am of course reminded always of ‘Old Boy’ the Park Chan-Wook film wherein the hero is locked up in a hotel room for fifteen years for apparently no reason… well it turns out he called this other guys sister a slut in high school and the guy was out for revenge… hotel rooms all blend together and we frequently have lapses of recall: yesterday i was sitting in the room here when the maid opened the door and let in Clem who had gotten off at the wrong floor and thought his card-key didnt work… its tough at the top as we say happy belated Halloween all

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