post from ny (october 3)

the period since returning to nyc has been quite hectic mostly due to my relocating out of new york city proper… simply, i’m moving from a large dark dirty expensive space in the city to an even larger clean light cheaper space in the country…with trees recently i reread “Neuromancer” and was surprised to note how much stuff from Matrix was lifted from it: “His vision crawled with ghost hieroglyphs, translucent lines of symbols arranging themselves…He looked at the backs of his hands saw faint neon molecules crawling beneath the skin”…reminiscent of the green streams of readout in the movie, beyond that the book features a Rasta spacestation called “Zion cluster” and numerous other items that wind up referenced in Matrix… required reading… if anyone was confused by american foreign policy objectives i hope you’ve all got it figured out by now, really simple: take over the world… not to forget that theres a presidential election coming up again in ’04 and being in the middle of a war should assure bush another term, changing horses “in mid stream” and all that… im halfway through Chuck Palahniuk’s latest book “Lullaby” (guy who wrote ‘Fight Club’ , ‘Invisible Monsters’, others) he makes some very cutting observations about the new american decadence, i can also recommend that… i got a few e-mails to the effect of “gee putting out another greatest hits cd sure smacks of wanting to make money” yes! thats absolutely correct! (deeper though, lets not forget that blondie is no longer on emi and they’re gonna put these things out anyway and tempted though i might be to tell them to just keep my share i think i might somehow regret that decision)… i just heard the atomic kitty version of tide is high which is weird that that kind of britney spears programmed sound has evolved into an actual genre, i hope John Holt has made some bucks off of it… not much else is afoot now, packing stuff includes uncovering various forgotten items both great and horrific, old photos and memorabilia; a couple of old pictures of james dean that id forgotten about, posters, autographs, but the fucking miserable moths ate my Tibetan rug even though it had been wrapped in plastic to prevent their access (the moths only eat good stuff, have no appetite for polyester or other synthetics) i’ll be glad to leave them in the city… i dont know when i’ll get on again probably not too far forward, got to get the cable modem up and running in the trees oh, i remembered one thing; what if someone had a program or site where anyone could submit a 3 dimensional rendering of their environment, inside their house, around their neighborhood etc etc etc the goal being to have a computer map of the entire world that would be like a game envirronment, would eventually enable one to travel around the entire planet from their home computer, people could constantly be adding details like a rusty tin can on a sidewalk, a picture on a wall, then the whole world would be filled in in HTML or whatever and you could walk from san francisco to atlanta on the computer all the while going into buildings and rooms and around corners and down alleys etc etc… this led me to think about the time coming when people will be able to brain link with the computer and what if thousands, millions of people could all do it simultaneously making for a huge mechanical hive mind… maybe it would be better than television though somebody would no doubt try to put commercials out there stay out of trouble chris

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