post back in nyc

got back to nyc in one piece more or less currently playing catchup with this and that… burning man was fun, really fantastic. the actual fire was the best of the three ive seen, really massive, the post office got to cancel mail for real this year, we met a lot of people… i got about a hundred messages when i went on line, read fifty in each of two sessions (AGAIN!: the hunter is not my favorite blondie album, i dont have a favorite blondie album and im still not sure if i ever said otherwise, i dont think that debbie knows about whatever is named ‘diamond bridge’ in new jersey, and im certain the song title is not a reference) this is short… 9-11 looms like a huge commercial for cultural contradiction, yesterday bon jovi played in times square for the start of football season… i think everything is catching up with me ahhhhhhh im glad everyone seems to have liked the shows what else? i dont know ill think of something for next time as usual thanks for all the nice things youve written chris

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