post (added April 13)

Firstly I’ve got to say that I feel really genuinely lucky to be able to hear from all of you like this, I cant thank you all enough for your comments, suggestions etc. thanx also for the pictures… mostly everyone wants to know about the record and tour in that order… simply the record keeps getting pushed back cause its just not done yet… we are still working on mixes and adding a few more songs though there are I think 14 recorded… it does seem like a long time but the time spent working on it is going to have an effect on what it is, maybe in future we’ll have a different kind of focus… we have agreed to do another record after this one anyway… touring is both fun and a real grind at the same time, its tough leaving ones daily life to sit around hotel rooms but its great to travel around and see people, doing shows etc… you guys all know all this stuff though Yes, I do get overwhelmed by things and I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement, you are all the best, its really great to know that others are out there with the same perspective on things, that I’m not completely isolated the way I and I’m sure a lot of you often feel I’ll write at length in a while, I just woke up today and was checking mail and wanted to thank you all Love, peace Chris

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