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Thanks again… the volume of stuff has apparently picked up, due to the bravo show, I don’t know really… actually I don’t really know when the next record is going to be out We are still recording material which is slowing it down, it feels to be taking forever and I’m now hearing it may be as late as sept. however it seems that we’ll be on tour this summer, some of you said you saw dates on the site but I haven’t checked… I got a letter from “Tommy” who is a fan of the raw aspects of our first two records, he said that he was saddened to think of us being concerned with having a hit… believe me I’m often conflicted by my position, should I give a fuck about anything or not?… lately I just find it hard to keep art as a center in my life anyway… the world is becoming so absolutely massively fucked that I at times feel kind of insane anyway… how the fuck can I feel excited about music when I can hear stuff on car commercials that’s equal if not better to stuff that’s on the radio… I know for a fact I watch entirely too much TV… its as bad as cocaine; you hate yourself while you’re doing it but can’t stop… other night was the same old crap with a new slightly slicker all inclusive approach: “the corruption of Americas children” (or some such title) who saw this dumbness?: raise hands… anyway the same old half assed sensational approach… that guy, the host whose name escapes me blaming rock music, video games, wrestling, hip hop and various other forms of youthful expression for everything that’s wrong and as usual completely avoiding the actuality of the situation; namely that the portrayal and acting out of violence and angst that are contained in many of these forms is not the cause of, but merely a reaction to the larger overall… cause and effect mixed up… but as far as mixed up goes I don’t recall ever being as personally confused by the state of affairs around me as I am now… the other week on the front page of the daily news or the post (one of the two kind of daily national enquirer’s that are new yorks excuses for newspapers) there’s a picture of the dude who got caught fighting with ‘the enemy’ in Afghanistan, now we all know this guys ass is grass and here’s this big half page color picture of him that looks like something right out of some fucking bondage magazine; wide black strips around his bare chest, black blindfold the whole deal, he looks like he’s propped up and tied to a board or something as well, this is the front page of the goddamn daily newspaper, right,? and then here’s the punch line: this isn’t even a current fucking picture! The caption says it was taken months ago when he was first captured!!! So what the hell is the point of putting this sicko pin-up out there and is that any less violent or angst provoking than seeing Diamond Dallas Page bang somebody in the head on Raw? Yeah… anyhow this kind of stuff is making me doubt my own sanity at times…so much for reality… I loved ‘death to smoochy’ and it does my heart good to see Robin Wms. Getting out of his walt disney phase also to see it getting put down by various offended critics is cool, panic room stunk, blade 2 was amusing… Thanks again for your comments… send pictures of yourselves… also recruit more fans if you really want to help out… or get people to check out the site here… I mean damn I’d like to do more… somebody send me a hundred million bucks and I’ll do a remake of “plan 9 from outer space” or something Yours till the next full moon Love chris

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