ok we are getting closer to the next record… all the mixes are done… we have a couple of very cool guest artistes, we are pushing for a 15-16 track record… there are three, maybe four cover songs… theres one track in French and Two in Spanish… as for the English language remaining tracks most of the lyrics are by Debbie… i must say i am knocked out by the lyrics alone… i think that this record will help people understand that one can write rock lyrics that go further into the realm of poetry and literature, that just dont make simple statements… i think all the blondie records are different and have their own character… this one has been in the works for over a year and the long period since the last record has certainly pushed it into its own space… yes it sounds like blondie no question… yes its a rock record… yes there are a bunch of different styles explored… beyond that i dont have more right now… i am close to saying its a little on the dark side but that may just be my own interpretation… so far we have only played things for very few people… when people hear it then we will get more of a consensus on what they think it is… we will release more details in a while the release is supposed to be in the spring… i will let you know

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