wound down enough to write…

wound down enough to write… in milwaukee in the midst of a lot of large buildings, some kind of bleak financial district… shows have been improving last night was minneapolis, nice to meet the local troops… ironically from the stage i could see a large illuminated billboard advertising brittney spears and blink 182 at some larger venue… seattle was a lot of fun as well… after much effort i finally got rid (or at least got around) the effects of some miserable virus type thing that kept changing my homepage to “blank”, blank being not even very interesting just some dumbass search thing… i thought i had more to say but dont… we have been watching modern chinese horror movies on the bus, a lot of ghost related stuff, but some really amazing things, i recommend ‘haunted office’ and one called ‘memories’, i dont think these things are available like at tower or virgin etc. one has to track them down, we got a bunch in san fran’s chinatown area… tonight is at some casino situation , i much prefer clubs and bar venues but we’ll see (cynthia sent me a link which i’ll pass along http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20011015&s=johnson , a slightly radical but to me very viable overview of american foreign policy stupidity… we still are rushing towards some cliff or other… being in america right now, i forget that when we are out of the country one gets a very different view of whats going on, we’ve been here for a while now, it’ll be kind of enlightening to get over to europe later this summer and get a different perspective) so its nice to see everyone at the shows, dont hesitate to try and say hello, sometimes we are rushed and cant do too much by way of relating to people after shows, this leg of the tour has some really long ass drives in the bus so there is a tendency for us to head out quickly after playing… what?… nothing… thats about it… blank ness… aroooo… etc… thanx for the mail keep it coming

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