tour ‘on hiatus’

all concerned have gotten the drift by now… tour ‘on hiatus’ i’m told is the official way of putting it… Elliot is a really nice fellow its too bad the whole deal, he did i think four shows with a badly broken collar bone before doctors told him to shut it down… we went to disney world with the kids, what a weird trip, its hard not to be cynical when faced with recreations of the third world crawling with suburban tourists… here we have AFRICA! only this africa has running water all over the place, plenty of food courts, and spotless restrooms (everytime i had to take a piss in ‘africa’ or ‘asia’ i couldnt help but thinking “why arent these toilets as atmospheric as all the fake decaying walls and funky stuff out on ‘the street’) ?so?its?like africa with money… lol ha ha


now here is a picture of my absolute favorite thing that we ran into… it was in ‘Africa’… see, the whole place is like a film set so there are props all around (all nailed down)… this was outside of a picturesque rotting ‘hotel’ and is like some homeless dj’s gear, complete with old dusty cassette machine and rusted speaker, i just wasnt prepared for this level of weirdass fake reality… i kept thinking this is what we’re fighting for? to maintain this madness? so we can see the world without going anywhere? now just watching the world cup…? kevin spacey is Luthor??!! hahahahahahaha i just saw the commercial ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. oh and for those of you with extra time to kill (murder) i put up a myspace site which can be navigated to from the blondie myspace page or its at … another really extreme weird thing (myspace that is)?

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