the tour (and ourselves) is covering a lot of ground… we will have crossed the country maybe twice

thanx to all who are showing up… the whole pairing with Pat seems pretty succesful, brining in new people for both acts
the Donnas are also a lot of fun, i must confess to not being familiar with them previously
so back in the bubble as we used to say; the road crew are pirates, in pirate mode that is, the busses, sound checks, hotels, monitors, the whole 9 yards
some memorable shows, and the band is very ‘tight’… tight is a musical term that means everyone plays the same song at the same time but with precision
i dont have any specifics right at the moment
we are in Lake Winnipesaukee NH… i only know how to spell it cause there is a poster right over the desk here with a picture of a canoe at the edge if a wood and the heading “pleasant memories of the vacationists paradise”
the place we are in looks like twin peaks: rustic charm la la, maybe a murderer or two but i havent seen em
another fabulous hotel room

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