the verdict

i was on the phone with debbie watching “the verdict”… after watching most of the trial im pleased that michael didnt get screwed over at the hands of the media… watching some of the bloodthirsty court tv people was particularly grotesque… as i said before there was a witch hunt aspect that overshadowded jacksons deeds… somehow this is indicative of all the demented current ways of today… yeah sure the resources etc etc i spent a day at jury duty up state here… there was a trial of some poor gangbanger kid who may or may not have mugged somebody but he was shadowed by guards obviously not able to make bail and was stuck with the barely thirty public defender… the judge made a note that the trial would be ‘fast’… somehow i didnt get my name picked but i couldnt help make the connections… Noam Chomsky is the one who i think said “No black man can be guilty of a crime in America.” at the same time ive been re-reading my old battered copy of “the family” by ed sanders… now here we have a celebrity in california who didnt get off… seriously i cant recommend ‘the family’ enough to those of you not familiar… as i was finishing i kept thinking how the manson story is just begging for a big budget hollywood treatment a la oliver stone etc… maybe its just too sensitive still the new baby yells a lot, also sleeps

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