the ramones benefit in the city

so the ramones benefit in the city, i saw a load of people i hadnt (seen) for quite a while, we were kind of burnt by the time we got on stage but i think the crowd that had been hanging for six hours was even more wasted though they all stuck it out till the bitter end, the strokes are really pretty great, Joan J. was my favorite deliverer of ramones songs, today i saw an ad on tv for some download company that made prominent use of a ramones song and it’s just sad, obvious that they are going to now be finally recognized as a major force in music… etc etc i have been drawn into ‘the da vinci code’ book, i just started it out of curiosity and am really pleased that the message it imparts is capable of being one of such mass appeal, i wonder if its possible for western society to change back to feminine orientation… of course the fucking election, is it as exciting as the world series, wrestlemania? look i registered to vote, ok, the last and only time i ever voted was for McGovern, so if all the jerks like myself get involved maybe it’ll help, again; we have been all over europe in the last year and everyone i talked to over there, cab drivers, people in coffee shops etc etc think that the us world position is wrong, the war a mistake etc, the view we get from the media here is really skewed and slanted, we dont get a balanced picture of world opinion lastly for now im starting to get a lot of messages from south america, a lot of you down there talking about this up coming short tour, i cant believe we never got down there in the past, we ARE definitely gonna show up, im looking forward to getting there…

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