the fifty greatest lists of 2003!

the fifty greatest lists of 2003! we go to europe for two weeks to do promo, tv in various european markets, maybe i’ll see some of you all… Akira is really a great amazing little creature and im sorry too miss time of her as we are getting along great, she really is alert and adventurous, likes to go out and see stuff, we went to a party at bob gruens, she was fascinated by a lot of people in one place beyond that what? this that,… ive seen heard people take the view that the government, powers that be, are ‘too stupid’ to really do any of the insidious things that are suspected of them, it… bush is a clever decoy, his dumbness is certainly not indicative of the clever double think that is employed by those behind the throne… a good example: i just saw an article in the sunday times about a showing of the “Battle of Algiers” at the pentagon, this is a heavy anti war film about the french occupation of Algeria and all the underhanded methods, torture intimidation, coercion etc that were used to try and break the back of the Algerian national liberation front… even though the french won the battle of the films title, were successful in destroying the guerilla movement in the capitol city of Algiers they ultimately ‘lost’ the war and left the country…well its a simple point just dont underestimate these fuckers ( the times piece is easy to read put Battle of Algiers into GOOGLE, its one of the first things to come up) i see the site here is getting more elaborate, barry’s got a thing going that has old memorabilia and junk, i’ve got tons of this stuff, just have to get the scanner going… what else, not too much back soon chris

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