spring arrives/recording/Beirut


i must apologize to anyone who looks at this stuff and hasn’t seen any new posts for a while…
we are indeed working on a new recording for Blondie… i’ve seen a few things about when the record is due out, take it from me that there is no release date as of now… we are in the midst of putting it together…
this is the very first record that is being worked up on a computer and i am loving working with Logic the Mac program… what also is unique about the way this record is shaping up is that this is absolutely the first time ever that we are going into making a record with a surplus of material… currently i am dealing with fifteen or so tracks with more being created… various members are contributing stuff i dont exactly know how we are gonna handle having so many new songs, any one with a suggestion please let me know… in previous records we would sometimes be still writing when we were in with a producer
on april 10th we went to see Beirut play at the Electric Factory in Philly… you may recall these guys are my current favorite for more than a year or so now… we got to meet Zach and his band mates for the first time, terrific… Mr. Condon has as much charisma in person as is evident on the many Beirut vids that we watch on line
live, Beirut presents a slightly tougher more aggressive sound than what is on the recordings but the quality and substance is all there… i get a little fatigued after all this time with the endless re-defining of rock music and seeing the large crowd of young kids cheering non-rock music, music that in a way might have more in common with jazz is gratifying… the guys in the band are great musicians its good to see music that isnt just about deafening audio levels…  the Beirut fans are devoted and many songs turned into sing alongs… it was really nice to see the crowd all yelling their enthusiasm when the band lifted their horns to play passages from the songs
Beirut is on to Europe in May; i would urge all of you there to try and check them out

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