split by the climate surrounding the election

i am very split by the climate surrounding the election in that on one hand i feel totally divorced from it like its some kind of stupid game show while on the other i get caught up and pissed off by all the bad feelings involved in it… im starting to think now that whoever wins the result of all this mean spirited bullshit is just going to have a negative effect… but i cant believe the depth of seeming lies and crap floating around… i saw a film about the last election called ‘unprecedented’ something like that… just amazing, i didnt have, and i doubt many of you have any idea of how deep the madness surrounding that election went… the blackballing of supposed ‘felons’ from voting in the Fla. election etc etc… what makes me the most crazy though is that with all of these facts compiled out there all that results from them is a bunch of entertainment, documentaries, no action… as usual i cant help but feel the human race is rushing into a wall with no brakes, that at best its fifty fifty, that is the fight with the ‘dark side’ i hope these S.A. shows are ok, i think several of them are in festivals, and festivals are a struggle… on a positive note the NY area has been flooded with cheap ‘no territory’ DVD players… these are generic guys called “CYBERHOME” and sell for around forty bucks, i’ve been told you can find them on amazon, i got one a while back and its quite great to be able to play anything, not get the wrong region error…

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