so denver in a hotel

so denver in a hotel… very blank here in the down town area, a ghost town yesterday; no people, big modern buildings, lots of ‘homeless’ people in the spaces between things… i hate golf shirts, i fucking hate golf shirts so fucking much it kills me, these things have become the uniform of maybe three quarters of the male population of the US and maybe the western world… there should be a law against wearing golf shirts without carrying at least a putter… the tour is going on as planned, we are enjoying the shows, debbie had a cold in Vegas was off her game… we are trying to figure out what to do next… i am not gonna comment on all of the related issues; the new cars etc, you are all welcome to use your imaginations i switched to a MAC! it pretty much kicks ass, i miss various PC features but the upside is considerable as usual touring means television, i watch almost no tv at home and am always horrified in an amused way at what goes on in the ‘wasteland’… i have been following the antics of the ‘inked’ gang as well as actually watching a few episodes of the Sopranos… mostly i am moved by a lot of the stuff thats finally emerging from the war, its all so sad… i really dont think i have ever seen a split in the country that is anything like whats going on now, its just not a good thing, this kind of division, how can the idiots on both sides not see that? how can we have any real strength while split up like this… people wont believe that one can support the troops and people over there and still be against the war… we saw a film called “the war tapes” that is quite a revealing thing… an’ what about the damn da vinci code… for people like myself none of the big revelations in it are any news… i have always been under the impression that the ancient egyptian and thereafter various pagan cultures were possessed of a balance twixt male and female aspects that was sadly lacking in later forms of orthodox western religions, big deal… but that a pretty poorly written ‘subway novel’ can create this resounding world wide impact just points up the miserable shape education and systems of thinking are in… maybe there will be a shift in theology and how people relate to the world, its just weird to see it spurred on even a little bit by a lot of close ups of Tom Hanks frowning

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