post from las vegas

it took me like three hours to get through the 60 or so e-mails i got from you all mainly cause i was checking out all the stuff about grand theft auto that people referred me to, im really a novice at the thing and i didnt quite get how dense it is, jeez, ive just been playing a borrowed version on the bus i dont think i can afford to suffer the addictive aspects of owning it… so thanx for the tips ive got enough info now to get completly enmeshed in the damn thing in LA before the Anaheim shows we saw a bunch of acquaintances and friends, i hadnt seen Cherie Currie for like twenty years and she is a major babe still, old comrades Lydia Lunch, Paul Zone, Michael Schmidt, Chris Young, this was at an ‘informal’ dinner Mr. Schmidt tossed for us and Siouxsie who i’ve only met on occasion but who looked quite terrific, Howie Pyro and Mr. Zone were acting as DJ’s.. much else is status quo, ive been meeting more of you out here, still thanx for the messages, do keep them coming… ive got to deal with things, this is short, ill get in another more detailed report in a day or so, (id intended this to be but i havent even gotten out of the hotel yet, presumably ill get a better sense once again of the horror of las vegas and have some thoughts on it) happy birthday whoever has one regards, love chris

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