out to the mother or is it father land

out to the mother or is it father land in three days or so, (do any of you ww2 students get as nervous about the use of the word ‘homeland’ as some of us liberal leftists?) heres some stuff all culled from ‘adbusters’: about 300,000 people born every day, almost equal to the entire current population of great apes… human mass exceeds the body mass by 100 of any species that ever existed including dinosaurs… world population expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050 kids born now obviously still around… heres a good one: UN panel on climate control says that business as usual “economic growth” could cause a rise of 6 degrees centigrade in global temperatures… a similar 6 degree rise 251 million years ago at the end of the Permian period is believed to have wiped out 95% of the worlds species in 2003 half of the worlds cement output and a third of its steel went to china… 1.5 billion tons of coal this figure expected to double by 2020, only the US imports more oil… if the chinese get up to american standards it will be like having another 3 united states… i think the point here is that america is not a good role model at the moment, its kind of like in high school where the bully is emulated for all the wrong reasons… lets not forget we are in the KALI YUGA, (see http://pages.zoom.co.uk/thuban/html/kaliyuga.html or http://www.blavatsky.net/theosophy/judge/articles/kali-yuga.htm or just put it into google lots out there) in hindu religion the last of the four cycles before they start up again, 200,000 years to go by some reckonings, if you subscribe to this stuff or not the age of kali is generally described as the age of rampant materialism, the winter of the four great seasons etc etc so on a lighter note of rampant materialism saw AVP today and its a shame when one starts to see Lance Henriksen as a good actor, its like fuck the psychology and anyone actually “having a feeling” about anything on stage when we’ve got these kick ass special effects, but its funny about the predators though its like “Damn dis is what these guys do for fun!!??” they must have some sense of humor, what is a predator stand up like?… at least they gave Giger a fucking screen credit, i was prepared to be really pissed off especially since they co-opted his current spiral alien logo for numerous spots on their sets, i still dont like that stan winston or whoever gets “creature effects” … still had to suffer through the miserable horrid humiliating series of commercials that precede the damn film (barbara just pointed out that the ones in the damn film are bad enough)… maybe after the election i could try and organize something about this hideous practice, its as unbelievable as all of the above stuff that people put up with this… every little bit that we give up, give in to adds up to the big stuff like mentioned above…

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