more election related (withdrawal symptoms and surprise)

back to work yesterday, we ARE in fact beginning work on a new recording, more later…

so yesterday i was perusing the stuff out there (here) in cyber land, i just wrote ‘Obama’ into google to see what popped up and lo i was confronted by just insane racist rants given credibility i suppose by appearing as they do in ‘forbes’ and to the ‘mail on line’… see i didnt realize at first that i was dealing with the ‘daily mail’ and that these two strange reports; one entitled “Obama the divider” and the other “say goodbye to the United States” (really) were the product of British not American crazy racists… ah! the light dawns, i guess the overt racism of various British peers of the realm is less understated and just plain out there than there counterparts over here… i guess you in the UK are used to this stuff, that is the more direct comments made by lunatics in the media, here its usually been unstated the way the opposition in the campaign used the word ‘terrorist’ as racial code… the ‘say goodbye’ piece was penned by one Peter Hitchens… he reports that the United States is now on its way to becoming the ‘third world’ nation that the UK already is, though he doesnt spell it out we must presume that his vision of the UK as third world is the result of the ‘fuzzie wuzzies’ and ‘coloreds’ who have come to his shores… he does go on to report anecdotally about his being in Washington DC on election day and that while he noted a few whites celebrating “among the Mexicans, Salvadorans and the other Third World nationalities, there was something like ecstasy.” of course again we are to presume that this is a terrible thing… you get the idea… so i was real fucking pissed off for a day or so then wow! i am feeling defensive about the US government! whats gonna happen next? a really interesting week

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