mid summer thereabouts


we are in the midst of the heat wave that of course has nothing to do with global positioning or warming (sic)… in my opinion the real ‘inconvenient truth’ is in fact that the last time a lot of people were able to get together on a single cause in the western world was probably for world war two, i cant think of much like mindedness after that, just a lot of conflict and division… today i saw in my favorite magazine; the new york times that athletes who tried to get their red blood cell counts up by lying in oxygen tents etc, situations replicating mountain climbing and the like would be penalized by the doping committee… i think they are missing the point here: athletes should be penalized for exercising! why not just go all the way, exercise creates unfair advantages, raises hormone and blood levels, should be banned like dope! one of my myspace associates, Jerry, sent me finally a copy of Takashi Miike’s IMPRINT, this is the ‘Masters of Horror’ episode that HBO deemed to horrifyingly horrible to be seen by even the grittiest of american Horror fans (apparently it ran in the UK however)… IMPRINT is pretty damn rough i have to admit, i’m tempted to say it make AUDITION look like an episode of friends by comparison but i wont… sadly i am leaning in the direction that says that IMPRINT is indeed to heavy duty for our delicate american sensibilities, as long as we stick to REAL murder torture and mayhem its ok here… Miike in presenting this stuff in an elegant and sensual context makes it all the more horrendous, i loved it but its the kind of thing that does imprint itself so be warned… im starting to get feedback on the BBC docu, thus far most of the comments have been very positive… hopefully it’ll air in the states soon, its filled with points that i might take time to address at some time later on… one thing i may have mentioned is that when one is stuck in the midst of media it becomes all consuming, i frequently am sleepless with racing thoughts about who said what and how that statement might be misconstrued on and on… there is a cut off point however as i realize one could spend their life retracting and adjusting statements they made… this stuff is endless thats it, stuff in the works for soon

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