Message from Debbie

Hello Friends and Fans,

I have started receiving gifts for my upcoming birthday and I am touched by the generosity and love you are showing me still after all these years.  Thank you.  The reason I’m writing to you is to ask that you donate the money you might spend on such a present for me to an environmental cause.  These are issues that we all face and must address to insure the evolution of the human race.

Blondie is touring now in the UK and getting a terrific response to both old and new material which is making us all very excited.   The tours in the US, Australia and the UK are called Endangered Species tours so any donation you might make to River Keeper or keep green groups would make me the happiest of anything that you could give me.

The recent sloppy oil drilling and pollution in the Gulf of Mexico is particularly upsetting and will impact the entire world.  I think a look at this situation as a criminal/legal issue is necessary.  Please help continue to raise consciousness about our potentially beautiful but endangered environment.

I haven’t made a list of organizations that you might give to but whether it be for animals or air or water or earth, it will be a really good investment.

Thank you,

Debbie Harry

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