merry xmas/new years


me and Hilly at a recent symposium (ha) about CB’s and punk in NYC (pic by Eddie Sung) i just wanted to wish you all happy holidaze from here and let you know i am still around and thinking of everyone… i am trying to figure out what to do next, i get lots of messages from the uk and elsewhere about us coming and doing shows, it may not be for a while yet… i spend a lot of time with the kids, they are increasing rapidly and time with them is short… Akira is just starting to go to school a bit and we are trying to decide where she will spend next year, what little kid school… this is tough for me cause i hated school sooo much and every school we look at appears to be a million times better than what i was stuck with, so its hard to be objective its 6 a.m. im gonna try and go back to sleep… more shortly again much love to you all for the new year i hope you all get at least some part of what you want

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