may 14

everyone keeps mostly asking about 1…when the record is coming out, and 2…if there are plans about coming to the UK… im tempted to write 1… i dont know and 2… i dont know, which is closer to the truth as far as a real answer , but i think the record will be at least by sept. if not sooner and a trip to the UK may be after that Debbie is coming here now to do a vocal on another song that may be included… the reasons for the slowness of the release include all manner of inrigues and inner group/corporate/production politics aside from just the standard thing of us being asked to add more stuff after “completing” what we thought was the whole project… also issues of mixing, transferring etc etc…. i think rehersals start in june and i look forward to seeing you all and all that jazz… actually im kind of overworked right now so this is brief perhaps ill detail later on meanwhile ive discovered why im always broke; check out this amazing unsolicited reply to my badtz maru fan letter at: and i thought it was cause of the record companies or taxes or such, little did i know chris

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