(pic from Singapore the last time) in Narita airport tween flights on way to Osaka… a whole day off tmrow, i liked Osaka a lot, older stuff more funk, i’m told that a lot of Japanese comedians hail from there… of late i have been staying in the lower east side of NYC with the troops, that is kids… a very odd circle thirty years later… quite the change hmmm? what used to be the center of mayhem, chaos, and drug induced tension is now a peaceful upbeat very quaint place, these late summer days shadows and sunlight filter through the big shady trees, all the little pocket parks… so weird, i recall that traveling east of first avenue was equivalent to taking ones life in ones hands… now cute coffee shops and retro stores dot the landscape Akira and i went to CBGB’s the other day, she was the only three year old there for ‘social disorder’ (not ‘social distortion’)… after i explained that we couldnt take the stroller inside she kept wanting to go deeper into the club anyway… it was the first time she saw a mosh pit even though it wasnt a very enthusiastic one… but i couldnt believe what the surroundings of CB’s look like now… its all so cleaned up and chic that i kept getting some sort of space time warp thinking i was somewhere else altogether… whats gonna happen? i made the mistake of seeing davinci code instead of nacho libre at the hotel in Seattle, what a load of crap, just a really crappy movie no matter what the fuck its about, yuk! so once again we enter into Asia, if even for a brief time, i’ll report back shortly

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