HERE IN UK now, at the moment etc.

yes a certain British airline did manage to lose ALL of the bands and some of the crews luggage, (this brings the level of luggage loss to a new height) i’m not sure how this info was leaked to the general public but somehow it was… let me say that i am happy to wear the same t-shirt for three weeks if that will put a halt to the menace of international terrorism, curse them… see, the day we arrived sans bags i saw i thing on tv here that there are some twenty thousand bags floating around Heath row all due to various new anti terror tactics… so i feel so much safer in spite of having ALL MY SHIT MISSING!!!! that and knowing that Paris Hilton is behind bars where she cant threaten the well being of humanity the gigs here have been really well received… Hammersmith was a technical struggle but was perhaps made even better as a result… the crowds have been amazing, thnx to everyone for the positive energy we had some six thousand people in the cold and rain in Edinburgh… so just thnx really to all of you who make it less of a grind for us by showing up and supporting i miss the family a lot this time, the tour routing made it impossible to bring em… Akira is 4 years old, happy b’day i’ll report at greater length in a while have you noticed that the world keeps getting weirder?

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