greetings from the fatherland (hi mom)

i found this list in cybespace just before and it was nice seeing all of this junk in one place:

1. First ever Video album released for “Eat to the beat” in 1980

2. First American #1 New Wave single “Heart of Glass”

3. First #1 Rap single in America “Rapture”

4. First reggae #1 single in America “The tide is high”

5. Oldest woman in rock with a #1 hit, when “Maria” debuted at #1 in 1999 in the UK

6. Parallel Lines sold sold over 20 million copies

7. Blondie has 4 American #1 singles and 7 in the UK

8. Blondie are the biggest selling american band in the UK Singles chart of all time

9. The single “Rapture” has been a Top Ten Dance single on the Billboard Dance charts in the 80’s/90’s/00’s, 3 consecutive decades

10. Blondie appear on more soundtracks and compilation albums than any other artist in rock.

11. “Call Me” was the #1 single of 1980 in America on Billboard

lets also not forget what is kind of my favorite: blondie the only band besides the Beatles to have a back to back #1 and 2 on WABC in i guess 1981… rapture bumped tide from the top spot

WABC was the biggest NYC rock radio station for a long time now gone

the tour is two shows old at this point we are actually performing all of ‘Parallel Lines’ which doesnt really make for the best live set but is aesthetically correct… i guess…

its hot today, i dont have too much else right now… i promise to write some more from the road

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