Empty Hearts debut album featuring Clem Burke out August 5

Blondie drummer Clem Burke’s collaboration on the debut album by Empty Hearts will be released on August 5.  Clem wishes to share an early review of the forthcoming album with his fans in the Blondie community.  A collaboration with long-time friends, Empty Hearts consists of Clem together with respected fellow musicians bassist/vocalist Andy Babiuk (the Chesterfield Kings), vocalist/guitarist Wally Palmar (the Romantics), and guitarist/vocalist Elliot Easton (the Cars).

The Empty Hearts will be available at Amazon, and you can listen to a track right now from Billboard’s article about the supergroup.  For more information, read the 429 Records press release.

Check out the video clips and detailed review of Clem’s latest project during Blondie’s short break in their 40th anniversary world tour and show your support for Clem’s ongoing projects by liking the Empty Hearts official Facebook page, the Split Squad official Facebook page (on tour with Clem now), and supporting the John Varvatos #PeaceRocks campaign which donates $1 for every tagged photo of fans rocking the peace sign.

Clem Burke with the Empty Hearts CD - out August 5, 2014.
Clem Burke with the Empty Hearts CD – out August 5, 2014.

Peace & Love from Clem Burke

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