just a couple of things one i am really behind Obama and i would urge all of you once again to get out and vote… i really vividly recall watching the last election returns in Lima Peru, it was very surreal and awful… Lima is in very bad shape with rampant poverty and being there in some strange way underscored the hypocrisy of the whole thing even more profoundly i also recall watching old John Kennedy speeches and thinking how modern politicians dont speak as directly any more, answers to questions being oblique and loaded with double talk… Obama’s dialogs are reminiscent of JFK’s directness… its about time to create some meaningful change in the US… i get excited with the prospect of a black man as president just that is such a huge deal it’ll do a lot to repair some of the old damage in America

besides that we have been doing a punk version of “My Heart Will Go ON” the dumb song from the Titanic film… the joke is that it lends itself so well to a punk format anyhow we learned it from the girl band SWITCHBLADE KITTENS, we used to have their version on our opening tape and liked it so much we started playing it thnx Kittens Link

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