drug war (added Sept. 16, 2001)

dear all again thanks so much for all the good wishes, its really great to hear from you all… ive just got one more thing thats been really bugging me about the whole situation and i hope that any of you who agree with me here will also discuss this with friends and anyone who’ll listen… what if the american government and policy makers hadn’t wasted billions of dollars on the so called ‘drug war’? the same people im seeing call out for justice now are the same ones who had been calling drugs the greatest enemy threatening America… is it really true that the U.S. has given some 43 million to the taliban Afghani govt. to finance their stoppage of opium production or is this just rumor? as for me i always was certain that the ‘war on drugs’ was many many times more dangerous than the use of drugs and that the problem of drug use should be handled by legislation and treatment rather than violent aggressive resistance… now in retrospect it should be painfully obvious that not only huge amounts of money and resources been used up on fighting an even more elusive enemy than any terrorist, the drug war has also served to turn great numbers of people here against each other as well… so much waste putting people on trial and in jail over antique marijuana laws… its just so damn stupid to think that all that energy that’s been used fighting something that really cant be ‘fought’ might have been put to use fighting a real enemy thanks again for listening, chris

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