comprehensive Blondie gig list

this is in reference to the comprehensive Blondie gig list which Barry is working on] jeez… good fucking luck with this…theres no way, i think you should somehow indicate that this is a partial list… the first actual blondie gig was at a place called monty pythons with the miamis, a later gig there was attended by some rich up towners who hired us to play a private party… various private parties and semi public events… there are just too many gigs and partial gigs to even get close to listing for ex the stilletos opened for the dolls someplace in midtown… 82 club was played many times… gigs at whites pub where debbie tended bar near wall street… blondie did the music for ingrassias rendition of the first act of jackie curtis’ vain victory at some loft spce in lower manhattan (clem, leaving a taxi for this event, opened the cab door in front of an oncoming car which nearly tore it off, told cops his name was joe dellasandro) gig with the dictators at the cuando gym on houston street… very famous jam in seattle with gary v. me and clem backing up iggy in the local ‘punk house’ after the idiot tour show there… first out of town gig was in phila…. many gigs in boston early on… with john cale at ‘my fathers place’ on long island, many gigs there ( there we were recorded by the FBI discussing illicit things with some promoter that they were after, they later interviewed us at our lawyers office)…. at the mabuhay gardens in san fran the first time we played there the dressing room walls were pristine white, we did THE VERY FIRST BITS OF GRAFFITI stuff about ronnie toast etc, on various returns not only were the walls dense with writing but in places they were actually worn away from layers of hacking and ink… played on some stupid roller derby tv show in LA…. at one point played cbgb’s every weekend for seven months… played various forgettable clubs in new jersey malls… any way etc etc you can see what you’re up against here… i didnt go over the whole list and this is just what comes to mind now , im sure im forgetting a lot of things i looked at the list and see some of the things i mention here… i guess the biggest problem is that we played sooo many times at cb’s and max’s and other places around nyc, im sure we played close to a hundred gigs at cb’s and max’s c

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