Blondie endorses…

all of the members of the band have discussed the upcoming election at length and all of us feel to one degree or another that Obama should be the next president… as a result and because a lot of us are following the election closely we decided to put it right out there… thus far i have gotten one mean spirited e-mail about the endorsement on the front of the site… i read most of it but when i got to the part about Obama’s campaign being so filled with hate and negativity i just hit delete… i cant remember much else of it… so feel free to write whatever but i wont read anything too cranky… in the past i have gotten messages that were more about my shutting up about politics and stick to guitar playing etc… but we are in this time of immediacy and when i was younger i would have wanted to know what people i was a fan of were thinking about all sorts of stuff… beyond that you can imagine what i think about people telling me not to speak my mind anyway again i wish the election was over… today i was pleased and a bit surprised to see Newt Gingrich, George Will and others speaking positively of Obama and his chances… the topic was Colin Powell’s endorsement of which Gingrich is quoted: “What that just did in one sound bite… is it eliminated the experience argument”

so speaking of Powell and what he said i was very moved by his speech of this morning so i am gonna put it here… whatever we crazy left wing fanatics (sic) think of Powell you just got to give it to him…


here is an image i found on line


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