big brother clarification/CB’s


wait ok ok… i right away got some messages from you all about the ‘big brother’ person one Pete Burns, but the guy i am enamored of is i believe Pete Bennett, anyway the kid with tourettes… and no i dont think he’s being exploited cause its rare to see anyone who is that much themselves no matter what is right or ‘wrong’ with them… so no slight meant to Burns who i am not familiar with i have made several trips back to CB’s after closing night… today i was there with a BBC crew and together we saw some stuff that i hadnt seen in the thirty years i’ve been going there… a couple of wall paintings; a mural of derelicts that dates to when Hilly opened the place and a painting of race horses that Hilly said likely date back to the twenties apparently there is by now a concrete location in vegas for a new CBGB’s so theres that also

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