i loved Inglorious Basterds… i am so pleased that Q still has his edge… i was a bit concerned after ‘Deathproof’; the painful interminable banters in Deathproof made for some low points in Tarantino cinema but he has more than redeemed himself here (well assuming he really needed to)…

the layers of film references are great fun but i was mainly taken with the long dialogs (here because its a period piece we are not subjected to conversations about Madonna’s sexual activity or Burger King)… for me some of the Quentin long ass dialog scenes in previous offerings work and some dont, some are annoying and some are brilliant; in Kill Bill we have back to back scenes that are brilliant (Uma and Don Esteban the old pimp) and then annoying (the end long scene between Uma and ‘Bill’ for me didnt make it in spite of some great bits like the ‘Clark Kent is how Superman sees humanity’ thesis)
but the long scenes in Basterds all held me, they all were played over underlying tension… even the ‘language barrier’ was somehow an addition
also i thought Brad was fucking fantastic, i am seeing that his performance is a bit overshadowed by that of Christoph Waltz as col. Landa but Pitt’s deal was just terrifically subtle while Waltz just played his part bigger and therefore stood out all the more… Waltz is a fantastic find for Tarantino, i couldnt even find a picture of him on, very funny… no doubt he will shoot up the hollywood ladder quickly now
some of you know me as a WW2 buff so there’s that… i wrote a list of “my favorite movie weapons” for Dick Manitoba’s “Book Of Punk Rock Lists” a year or so back… well i certainly would have added the oss glove gun that is featured in one of the finale scenes… the glove gun is one of the weirder weapons that came out of WW2, it can be found in most collections of special forces memorabilia and oddities (like the one shot Liberator pistol that was distributed to the resistance fighters by the allies)… anyhow the glove gun is a real thing and putting it in the film gets may points from your narrator here… after much looking i found a pic of one, see above

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