the tour is winding down… currently sleepless in Glasgow

there is a tv show or something i heard: “win a day spent like a rock star!!” no fooling… one of our days might start late lets say: 4:00 pm leave hotel, 4:30-5:00 get to venue, sound check, dinner sometimes, 9:00 ish do show, 11:30 travel in bus for eight hours get to next hotel (7:00 am) try and sleep, then repeat whole thing two more times then day off spent traveling to next city…

but the crowds have been maybe the best for a long time… as i mentioned before there is something about this particular summer tour that everyone is feeling; some kind of bump up in appreciation/attendance

so thanks a great great lot to everyone who has come to see us… thnx a lot too to some of you that we see at every show! there are some very dedicated fans that we see all the time, we do notice that you are there

when we get back home i promise that we will try and get a new recording together, its been much too long, some new blondie stuff is way overdue

i am gonna try again and sleep… i slept a little on the bus on the way here, its tough to get back there to the dream realm after waking up watching ‘Raging Bull’ and checking into my room

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