a bit more

a bit more, this is like bringing back all the emotion that went on during the election that i tried to let go of and hope for the best… today a couple of bits; i saw some fucking asshole on CNN, i’m not gonna bother to say what his name was, this fuck had the audacity to blame “the looters” for the delay in rescue and support operations, and the punchline is he was a black man… i hope he enjoys being a lacky stooge… but people are of course seeing it this way without encouragment… nikki writes: “That’s just like a democrat always pointing fingers away from their own corrupt ‘selves. The thing is, New Orleans management has been corrupt since the earliest days. Lawlessness thrives in that chaotic city.” democrat?!!?? moi? you must be fucking kidding, when it comes to politics i am a strict bipartisan deathmetal voodoo adherent with leaning towards gnostic paganism, witchcraft etc etc… somehow i think nikki probably lives in like Anaheim? hmmm? give me those lawless chaotic cities anyday, i always had a great time in N.O… then i saw rumsfeld at the big press conference… just amazing, some guy asked if he thought the relief efforts had indeed been late and his answer was just a textbook non-answer, i couldnt find it verbatim (i looked and looked but no one seems to have found it worthy of printing the text) it was to say the least, evasive, cluttered with catch phrases and just plain gobble de gook… then he just stopped in mid sentence to let general whatsis take over with a longer more convoluted version… and you know what? none of the suckers in the press core had the balls to say “oh, hmm thats really clear!”… they’re all so fucking scared they wont be let back in next time, bunch of cowering bugs… no, bugs are braver… meanwhile Akiras godfather John Jacovina who is a NYC firefighter volunteered and went down to help out, he left sunday at three a.m. on a military aircraft, we are all hoping he is ok and salute his courage…

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