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ah ha… testing… 1,2,3, etc. are we live?

so thanks to everyone involved Barry, Hot Studio and 10th street people!
in case anyone hasnt noticed the album title is indeed “P***C OF G***S”
short report follows…
yes Paul has left and we have a replacement, Paul was with us for the whole of this new blondie period; 12 years! and will be missed.. things change in life… he is all over PANIC however and we will keep you posted on what he is up to
we are gonna cut a few more tracks for the record thereby holding it up slightly… tour plans are shaping up and i am as always optimistic about this next period
“panic of girls” is a line from a song which is entitled “end of the world”… maybe it’s about a personal apocalypse, interpretations are more up to you
i have been crazy of late for the writing of China Mieville; someone gave me a copy of “The City And The City” for my birthday and i am proceeding with the rest of his fantastic work… i usually dont go in for dense fantasy but he is bringing a new level of literacy to it all… his slightly obscure blog the ‘REJECTAMENTALIST MANIFESTO” is at: http://chinamieville.net